Your furry friend deserves a second
chance... as a decorative accessory

We take taxidermy seriously and believe that nothing says
'I love you' like turning your pet into a stuffed toy.

Bring your pet back to life*
*sort of

What we do

We take the beloved pets of the past and turn them into cuddly keepsakes for the future. Because sometimes, the only thing better than a real pet is one that can't chew up your shoes or shit on your carpet.


Our professional experience totals almost 3 weeks watching YouTube tutorials, which we've combined with some haberdashery we had lying around the house to satisfy thousands of pet owners.

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Pets Immortalised
Customer Testimonails

"Thanks to Pet Stuffers, my cat is now immortalised as a decorative throw pillow. It's like he's still with me... but fluffier!"

Fluffy McStufferson ·
Customer Testimonails

"I thought it was impossible to cuddle with my pet hedgehog until I found Pet Stuffers. Now, he's the softest stuffed animal I own."

HedgehogHugger ·

Our Products

The only thing we stuff more than your pets is our wallets.
Pet Potpourri

Potpourri made from your pet's insides. Now you can keep the smell of your furry friend with you at all times.

Pet Bobbleheads

A bobblehead doll made using your real pet's head. Perfect for displaying on your desk or the rearview mirror of your car.

Pet Plushies

A stuffed animal made from the actual fur of your pet. Now you can have a plushie that looks just like your pet!



Like the Antiques Roadshow for pensioners, we turn old people into new treasures.

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